Whoops- the days got away from me!

Sorry, guys. Once the kids come home on Friday all bets are off. It was a good weekend, mostly. We had some curfew issues with the big kids and some spaciness issues with the little kid, but generally all was well. Housework on Saturday, beach on Sunday (seriously, I 5 1/2 hours all together for 1 hour at the beach but it was worth it). I took my last final yesterday- nailed it!- and now I’m ready to settle in for a summer of just being a mom. I’ve never been able to do this; I went back to work when my youngest was 9 weeks old and I’ve been working ever since. Bring on Summer, I say!

Honestly, I haven’t been logging my food for the last few days BUT I’m putting a pulled pork into the oven in about a minute so I’ll tell you all about it tonight. I’m still on the Whole 30 program, it’s Day 15 today! Halfway through! I thought of a list of things that I’ve changed in a positive way since starting:

*I’m a baker/pastry chef. I put my Kitchen-Aid mixer in the cupboard and replaced it with the food processor on my counter, because I’m not baking any more.

*I went out to the bar on Saturday night and didn’t drink! I wasn’t sure if I could do it…

*We went to the coast on Sunday and I didn’t eat any of the delicious snacks and lunch goodies that I packed for the kids. I made my own food ahead of time and wasn’t even tempted.

*I’m down 7 pounds! I know you’re not supposed to get on the scale but i couldn’t resist.

*I’ve cooked every meal for myself the whole 2 weeks instead of eating out anywhere- a big deal, because we love to eat out!

I’m pretty sure I’ve cooked every single meal but one since starting this thing. Sometimes I just DO NOT FEEL LIKE COOKING but then I do because I…have to. I’m feeling pretty good about everything so far. I’ll post about my day later tonight. Hope you had a great weekend, lovelies!


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