Day 15- official

What an utterly non-productive, lazy lazy day. I’m pretty sure I didn’t get dressed until about 2pm. I’m done with school so I’m feeling a little adrift; I started planning a crochet project to work on while I’m on vacation today (because my best friend and I are really exciting people and we pretty much just read and watch TV when we get together). I got some lovely yarn a while back and it’s been languishing all semester, waiting, yearning (yarning?) to be made into something beautiful.

Photo 2013-06-11 07.29.05 PM Photo 2013-06-11 07.29.05 PM (1)


Poor neglected yarn stash. It’s so sad. I’m going to start working on this tomorrow. The yarn is called Stylecraft DK  and it’s really soft, comes in amazing colors, and it’s washable, which is a good thing in a house with children and dogs.

Lest you fear that this is turning into some craft blog, I’ll tell you about my day.

Breakfast: Turkey, Kale, Sweet Potato patties with cantaloupe and strawberries

Lunch: leftover Beef Stew that I made for my husbands’ lunches- sorry, honey!

Dinner: OMG so delicious Pulled Pork with the BBQ sauce from It Starts With Food– honestly, it was amazing sauce and my whole family would have probably put it into a glass and guzzled it as a beverage if they were allowed. Plus sauteed spaghetti squash and onions with a little marinara, and a slice of cantaloupe.

Feeling: just fine, smooth sailing right now. I feel like my Sugar Dragon is hibernating pretty soundly so far. I’ve been to the bar once and I’m going again tonight, and I won’t drink; I don’t need to! Although, as I am a woman of child-bearing age, when I tell people I’m not drinking, their eyes automatically go to my belly and I get a lot of questioning looks and raised eyebrows. (For the record, folks, that’s my pooch, not a baby bump, mmmmkay?) There is an unopened package of Oreos that I haven’t even glanced at since I bought it for the family. I’m feeling pretty good about that!



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