Day 4

It was a much less interesting day than I expected. I cooked something delicious but not very exciting. I went grocery shopping and then to a doctor’s appointment. I was pleased to hear that I’m pretty healthy but for a couple of vitamin deficiencies, low iron, and slightly high blood sugar. Oh yeah, and about 50 extra pounds. I’m really curious to see what happens to my bloodwork after the Whole 30. I also stopped by Tails and Trotters to get some un-sugared bacon and ham. Oh.My.God. The ham is amazing, lovelies! I highly recommend, if you’re in the Portland area, that you pick some up. I’ll let you know how the bacon is tomorrow after breakfast!

Oh, and my friend Courtney came and picked up 2 of my chickens, so we’re down to a manageable 3. They better start laying soon or…else?

Breakfast- My version of a Joe’s Omelette. Ground beef, proscuitto (which WordPress insists is a typo but isn’t), leeks, and about a bag of baby greens, scrambled with 3 eggs + hot sauce. 2 cups of coffee, handful of blueberries

Lunch- leftover roasted beets, parsnips, carrots, broccolette, and some damn delicious ham, plus an apple

Dinner- Pan-roasted cauliflower with caramelized leeks cooked in lard+ghee (I bought lard! I’m so excited!), and leftover pulled pork.

Snack- yep. I ate a snack. 3 dried apple rings and a handful of toasted pecans. I refuse to feel bad. I’m not watching the South Park Movie with my husband without a damn snack.

Feeling: It was really hard to get up this morning! After I got going I felt ok, a little light-headed and low blood sugar-y.  It was a strange kid-free Friday because we usually go out for dinner and a couple of drinks, and of course we can’t. I’m a little disoriented by this!

I haven’t even been tempted by the sugar in the house, including the ice cream and dark chocolate. It’s…weirdly awesome! I feel like I can do the next 26 days. And I didn’t want to kill anyone, except the whiny dog. 😦

Anywho, I’m going camping tomorrow so have a great weekend, lovelies!