Whoops! It’s Day 2 already?

I was so tired after work yesterday that I forgot to update my blog! The Whole 30 is going well, so far. I have been snacking waaaay less between meals than usual, and I’m feeling pretty darned good. Had a bit of a headache today at work but I drank some black coffee and it went away!

My food hasn’t been super exciting, but I’ll log it just for the sake of staying on track. Hopefully I’ll cook something really fabulous this weekend that I can take pictures of.

Day 1:

Breakfast: Yams, ground turkey, spinach, salsa

Lunch: Cabbage, mushrooms, spinach, chicken breast

Dinner: Pork chops, cauli mash, sautéed fennel/onions/apples

Snacks: almonds, fresh raspberries, an apple

Day 2:

Breakfast: Eggs, spinach, yams, ground turkey, yams, zucchini (sensing a theme here…) with salsa

Lunch: leftover dinner

Dinner: Chicken thighs, roasted beets n carrots, greens of some kind

Snacks: an apple, TJ’s Apple+Strawberry bar

Have a good day, lovelies!


Here we go again!

Well, well. A year (plus some) has passed since we last attempted a Whole 30. Many, many changes have occurred in the last few months; mostly good ones, some more challenging. TL;DR- I graduated from school, am gainfully employed at a pediatrician’s office that I love, my kids are all still alive, in school, and thriving, and I finally got sober.

That last one prompted this Whole 30 more than anything else. When one quits drinking alcohol, one tends to replace that hole in their life with food. In my case, specifically, sugar. It’s gotten to the point where I feel like I’ve replaced one addiction with another. Which is no bueno. So another Whole 30 it is. This time my lovin’ man is doing it with me, and the kids will be doing it indirectly, at least in regards to the food I’m cooking them at home. I’m excited, nervous, and overwhelmed, which is normal, I think. Looking forward to sharing my experiences and some new recipes with you all!!