Paleo Sweet Potato and Beef Chili

I didn’t take pictures during, and the finished product is just kind of…brown with orange chunks, so no photo for you! But you should make this, it’s delicious! I may or may not have gone back for seconds. Just sayin’.

Paleo Sweet Potato and Beef Chili

serves 4-6

1.25# 85/15 grassfed ground beef

1# stew beef, cut into chunks

2 T coconut oil

1 medium onion, chipped

2 cloves garlic, peeled and diced

3 large carrots, cut into circles

3 celery stalks, chopped

2 medium sweet potatoes, peeled and cubed

1 28-oz. can diced tomatoes

2 cups water or stock

1 T chili powder

1 t oregano

1 t Penzey’s Arizona Dreaming seasoning, optional (I really, really like this stuff in chili)

1. Heat oil over medium heat in a large stockpot until shimmering. Brown ground beef, breaking it up as it’s cooking. Once it’s cooked, remove from pot, leaving drippings behind.

2. Season stew beef with salt and pepper. Add to pot, and brown on all sides. Remove from pot, leaving drippings behind.

3. Add onions, garlic, carrots, celery, chili powder, black pepper and oregano to the pot and saute until the onion is soft. Hell, let the veggies get a little caramelized; why not?

4. Add both the meats, the tomatoes, and the water/stock. Turn heat to medium-low, cover, and allow to simmer for 20 minutes. Add sweet potatoes and allow to simmer for 25 minutes or so, or until the veggies are soft and the beef chunks are tender. Ladle into bowls, Eat with gusto. Maybe have a salad, but that’s not necessary. And believe me when I tell you that this stuff is even better the next day, if it lasts that long.