I know the day’s just beginning but I had to share this!

So, as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve got Oral Allergy Syndrome. Basically it’s a syndrome (duh) where one is allergic/sensitive to foods in their raw, uncooked state. The foods that one is allergic to generally have to do with pollen allergies- most commonly: Ragweed, Grass, and Birch trees. It sucks. There are so many things I can’t eat due to the fact that my face gets puffy and my mouth and throat and eyes itch like crazy!


Today, I ate a Cantaloupe for the first time in 7 years! And my face didn’t puff up and my eyes, throat, and mouth are not itching! Now, I don’t know if it’s because of the Whole 30, but I’m pretty danged pleased, because I love melon- I just haven’t been able to eat it. I’m not going to be eating things that I’m severely allergic to like hazelnuts to test the Whole 30 theory, but I may try some things that have given me mild reactions in the past and see what happens.

Whatever DOES happen, I’m just stoked to be able to eat melon this summer!

Have a beautiful day, lovelies!


Whole 30, Part Deux

Sorry, I’m going to stop making up silly titles after today.

It’s been an ok day. I took my test and did waaay better than I was expecting. I got home and cooked lunch and then immediately crashed out for 2 hours. The sugar withdrawal is getting stronger.

Breakfast: Pulled Pork, Sauteed Broccoli and Baby Greens- what whaaaat? So good.

Lunch: Italian Turkey Sausage, Zucchini, and Mushrooms, with an apple and some almond butter.

Dinner: Pulled Pork, Sauteed Cabbage, Romaine and Tomato Salad.

Snack: Frozen Fresh Pineapple.

Feeling: A little headachy and dragging a bit. My belly feels good, but I think it’ll take a while for my body to adjust to eating 3 meals a day instead of grazing. Still not hating black coffee. I do want sugar very badly. I haven’t yelled at my children or husband yet but I expect that’s gonna happen any day now.

I should probably do a quick full-disclosure here: I have a thing called Oral Allergy Syndrome. It’s real, you can look it up. Basically what it means is that there are fruits and vegetables that I can eat cooked, but not raw. And foods that I’m allergic to in every form as well. So, there won’t be a lot of elaborate raw food salads on here, simply because I can’t eat them. It’s sad, I know.

I promise, I’ll figure out how to post pictures the way I want to, because you need to see the glory of the pulled pork.

Have a wonderful evening, lovelies. Day two is ov-ah!